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ECO STYLE ECOPLEX Hair styling gel



OLIVE OIL, SHEA BUTTER, BLACK CASTOR OIL, FLAXSEED –  Olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, linseed

  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Hair is shiny (Max shine – 10), firmly fixed
  • Moisturizing, repairing, nourishing
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Does not stick hair or stick
  • Does not cause itching
  • For all hair types

Everything your hair needs in one gel 🙂

It contains 100% pure olive oil, which helps moisturize the scalp properly, shea butter protects all hair strands, while black castor oil and linseed oil and support hair growth.

The gel will leave your hair weightless, but also better condition and a healthy shine.

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